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A posté + de 100 fois sans mourir
A posté + de 100 fois sans mourir
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Date d'inscription : 15/07/2016

Reduced walk weapons sway and bow sway 
Forge input now has a timer indicating how long until the current item is finished smelting
Players now trigger sleeper volumes from further away to avoid spawning seen by the player

Sleepers spawning in front of players as they are breaking into building 
Grass is getting snow cover inside buildings 
Snowpack shadow regression 
Solar cells won't show on trader refresh. 
Red Mesa elevator shaft stability fix and other improvements. 
Turrets play double sounds for clients 
Roads generating as Clay, Dirt, Gravel and Sand 
Land Claim does not prevent placement of minibike chassis. 
SI Exploit for Rock Prefab 
Zombies don't seem to be attacking animals 
Dupe method "destroying container" 
Duping with 2 people using containers 
KeyNotFoundException for sleeper volumes 
Crawlers have difficulties attacking the player

Known Issues

Onscreen keyboard is only available if you start the game from Steam’s Big Picture Mode
Smell is not working with the new stealth we will revisit it in a17
GlobalUV support inhibits anisotropic filtering and it has to be calculated in the shader.
Farming of crops other than yucca and hops affects performance
Precipitation and cold temp going through windows, glass blocks, doors, and hatches
Excessive use of trigger plates may cause servers to lag during hordes.
Gore block dupe
Sleepers may respawn incorrectly if the volume was left before all zombies were killed
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