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Date d'inscription : 07/11/2014
Localisation : Brest
Nouveau correctif pour l'A11 !


Changed default back project to DX9 as some clients experienced problems with DX11
Changed Networking we now use both Unity and Steam in parallel. Clients try to connect with directly to IP/port with Unity Networking first and only fall back to Steam Networking if it failed. This improves networking when connecting to dedicated or for those who have port forwarding properly setup
Changed improved startup time by about 2.5s
Changed Windows dedicated server now uses its own registry key so it does not change the client’s resolution settings
Changed if all players disconnected the dedi clears the chunk caches
Changed lowered Cave count for performance
Changed lowered Gravel path count for performance
Changed lowered Ore path count for performance
Changed we now Allow admin/ban/kick by partial usernames

Fixed GUIWindowMessageBox from PlayerDenied closed when dropping to main menu
Fixed several dupe bugs associated with the forge and campfire
Fixed made a slight dedi performance improvement
Fixed new forge dupe bug
Fixed supply Crates falling through world
Fixed clients not showing ban message
Fixed Server browser would stop refreshing before connecting to server
Fixed kicking player on invalid arguments with Ban command
Fixed potential memory leak on dedi by clearing all caches when all players disconnect
Fixed problem where admins we’re unable to give admin rights to ex-banned users
Fixed Cobblestone has no downgrade textures
Fixed another crafting dupe bug
Fixed disassemble ammo exploit
Fixed some console command’s output going to log file instead of console
Fixed Check for player placed output item in crafting grid causing items to vanish

En gros, résolution de problèmes de connexion, de stabilité, et autres trucs.
Résolution des bugs de duplication (forges, feux de camps), etc...
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