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De la famille du Gouverneur
De la famille du Gouverneur
Messages : 664
Date d'inscription : 13/11/2014
Localisation : Conflans Ste Honorine (78)

Probabilities of weapon effects will be adjusted.
- All probabilities of weapon effects will be increased by 1%
- If you got 1 weapon mastery EXP, the probability of the effect will be increased by 0.02%.
- There will be an increase of bonus damage for axe mastery.

Two-Handed Weapon Deathblow
- Deathblow will be added.
- You’re able to deliver a deathblow with a shift key, by generating your energy.
- It takes lots of stamina to deliver a deathblow. It’s pretty powerful, but you might run out of your stamina. Please use it carefully.

- Character/object shadow effect will be improved.
- Geographic shadow effect will be added.
- ‘Broken shadow bug’ will be fixed.
- ‘High landforms without shadow bug’ will also be fixed.
- ‘Broken pixels on boundaries bug’ will also be fixed. (SSAO effect issue)
- SSAO Quality will be improved.

- ‘Bloom effect (Light bloom effect)’ will be implemented by calculating strong sunlight.
- All of objects will be influenced by environmental colors.
- Reflected light of the grounds will also be implemented.
- Self-shadow of characters will be calculated, and it will be influenced by the shadows of geographic features when your character gets inside the shadows.

- ‘Warp to the shore feature’ will be changed to ‘warp to the place nearby the location you’ve been stuck’.
- A lot of users gave their opinions about the ‘Warp to the shore feature’ such as ‘it might be abused for crimes.’, and we also think it might be abused for stealing or something like that. Thus, as your opinions, we decided to change the feature.
- You can use the feature once a day. (Every 24 hours)
- Casting time is 5 mins.
- You’re able to use it to escape from between rocks, buildings, etc. You’re also able to use the feature when you get stuck between buildings after logging in.

‘Hit effect bug’ has just fixed.
Details: You got the hit effect on your character when you attacked buildings with bows and arrows.

‘This user’s already connected to the server bug’ has just fixed.
Details: In case ToL’s quit in unusual manner, you got the error message above.

‘Martial Arts Mastery bug’ has just fixed.
Details: You’re not able to get any martial arts mastery EXPs if you did hold nothing.
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